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Internet access lets you stream instant content from Netflix, CinemaNow, Vudu and YouTube direct to your TV. USB Media Host lets you view family photos, watch videos and listen to music from USB storage devices...

Posted: 6/28/2011       Expires: 6/28/2012

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Refurbished Magnavox NB530MGX Blu-Ray Player For $100
Bottom Line: $101.98

The Magnavox Blu-Ray Player is your source for outstanding high-definition entertainment with full HD resolution 1080p video output. Shipping is $1.99. Available on sister site TigerDirect for same price but $15 shipping.(more...)

LG BD270 Blu-ray Disc Player
Bottom Line: $130.31

It looks like Blu-Ray players are finally going down in price consistently. The LG Blu-Ray Disc Player offers Full HD 1080p video performance and standard DVD up-scaling for superior image quality. FREE SHIPPING.(more...)

MacMall Blu-Ray Player Blowout and HDTV Sale

MacMall is offering several Blu-Ray players at good prices. Refurbished models start at $100 and new models at $140 (AR). The HDTV's are refurbished models starting at $570. Shipping starts at $10. There is an offer for a FREE (After Rebate) Omnimount Systems TV wallmount ($119 value) for TV purchases of 36" or more.(more...)

Sharp Aquos BD-HP21U BluRay Player
Bottom Line: $107.99

Now you can enjoy the best of 1080P video on your HDTV. Especially designed to work with AQUOS LCD TVs, the BD-HP21U AQUOS Blue-ray Disc Player provides seamless operability via the AQUOS LINK function through the HDMI connection. This is one of the least expensive BluRay players with this deal. Save an additional 10% with code: WKF35JP9FR9BLQ. FREE SHIPPING. Tax for most.(more...)

Insignia Blu-ray Disc Player for $100!
Bottom Line: $99.99

Enjoy movies in brilliant high-definition with this Blu-ray Disc player that features 1080p upconversion and BD-Live support. Best Buy has an automatic savings of $50. FREE SHIPPING. Tax for most.(more...)

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