becomes first company to be formally valued at $1 trillion dollars in secondary investment markets

Posted on September 23, 2010
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David Kohnke, junior part in CAW LLC (’s holding company) has formally agreed to pay $1 dollar for an additional 0.000000000001% of the company. This will increase his overall share of ownership to 49.000000000001%.

David, sometimes referred to as DealManDave on the organization’s website indicated he believed this was the right choice after deep (non-logical) contemplation. DealManDave had previously made a name for himself by never paying more than $20 for a flash drive, his abilities to spot a good price on a flat screen TV while comatose and always knowing what the best deals were on Dell computers.

When asked about this deal savvy investment decision David indicated that this may have not been the best call of all time but felt it was important to be a bigger part of something this big.

Corporate giants and aspiring corporate giants such as Exxon, GE and FaceBook were previously believed to be some of the leading contenders to hit this seminole financial milestone. FaceBook had even pushed so hard as to receive a $330,000,000,000 valuation in one of its most recent financing rounds.

CAW LLC and are open to considering acquisition offers at, near or substantially below the enterprise value reflected by this transaction.

We Have Heard You & Were Making Changes

Posted on May 22, 2009
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Thank you again, we sincerely appreciate you input.

First the good news, over half of the responses were positive which was really great to hear.

However we did hear about numerous suggested changes and/or problems and we have to agree. Below we walk through the top items in need of change, in no particular order, and what we intend to do about them. Please, let us know if we got it right.

1Problem: There are larger deals that take up too much space on the home page

Solution: We will cut off the deal after a fixed number of lines and add a “more” button at the end so that people can see the rest of it.

2Problem: You have to click to a second page before being able to click to the actual deal

Solution: Well actually you can click the “See It” button and you go right to the store site, but to make getting to the actual store more intuitive we will make the title and picture take you right there except when the deal is too long and we had to add the more button.

3Problem: We need more hand picked articles

Solution: We will make this a higher priority than it has been recently and figure out how to work them more directly into the site.

4Problem: Too many dead deal deals

Solution: We will improve the backend administration to identify these more easily

5Problem: The big one. There is a mix of things here, the popular tab doesn’t really give all the good deals visibility, popular deals are not the same as good deals and quality of deals of has decreased.

Thoughts: This clearly is the biggest issue. How do we keep the home page simple and still have it contain the right mix of content?

It appears different people really want to see the deals differently, so we are thinking we need to list them in four different ways:

- All Posts

- Good Deals

- Current Popular

- Past Popular

And we need to make it more obvious there are different ways of looking at them. You can kind of do this now, but it doesn’t seem obvious enough.

Then, how do we determine what good deals are? Good and popular are clearly not always the same thing. Our current “Rate It” box with stars now seems kind of crappy. We are thinking a simple good/bad type of rating may work better. Then in the case where enough people tag a deal as good, then and only then would it show up in the good list. Thoughts?

Also, we will step up our deal posting to make certain the good ones are always out there as the community ramps up. We’ll only do this when we know of things that have been missed by the community so we don’t take potential money away from people who are posting.

We should be able to knock out items 1-4 quickly, though item 5 will likely take us a couple of weeks to fully address. So please bear with us.

One last note. We have been working on another way to save you money on things you need buy on a regular basis regardless of whether or not you can find a deal. If you have a chance check it out, the site is called

Thanks again.

Weekly DealStop Awards

Posted on March 17, 2009
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dundieShow some love to the hardworking DealStop deal posters by checking out their user pages! Another round of awards next week…

Grandmaster Deal Hunter - ayip

Tech Deals Guru - guynamedjames

Best Product Descriptions - dbagatto

Most Original Username - crackface47, smoktowt (tie)

Chief Bargain Finder - talktob

Advanced User Deal Posting Tips

Posted on February 24, 2009
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submitWith over 50 users posting deals now, I thought I’d highlight a few very easy ways to add some value to your deals via pictures and HTML tags.

BOLD & Italics:

Highlight important info such as coupon codes, mail-in rebates and shipping charges using the following HTML tags: <b>BOLD</b> <i>italics</i>

No images? Grab one in 5 seconds!

Right click on any image you want to use and click ‘properties’. Copy/Paste the image URL from the ‘Location’ or ‘Address’ field into the image box during STEP 8 on the DealStop post page. Click “GET IT”. Viola!

DealStop The Show: Episode 4

Posted on December 15, 2008
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The social bookmarking contest winner is announced. Shipping deadlines. Store closings.

DealStop Podcast: Episode 3

Posted on December 8, 2008
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Get Cash Back!

Posted on November 30, 2008
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noneWe have added one last new feature (for now) to the site. If you’re a registered user click the Your Page link on the welcome bar. From that page, click through ANY store listed on the “Commissionable Stores” list (on the right). It’s that easy! As your purchases get reported back to us, you will be able to see them in the reports on the “Your Account” page.

If you’re not registered yet – click here to sign up.

Happy Shopping!

DealStop Podcast #2

Posted on November 23, 2008
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Podcast #2: Social Bookmarking Contest, Amazon Customers Vote and Black Friday.

Win a Nintendo Wii! DealStop Social Bookmarking Contest.

Posted on November 23, 2008
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We have launched our Social Bookmarking Contest! With the rebrand, we lost many of our social bookmarks and are looking to you for help! Your compensation: a shot to win a Nintendo Wii. The contest will run through December 12th and we will draw a winner at random!

How To Enter? Bookmark us: Delicious, Stumble Upon or ANY social bookmark site. Blog about us. Join the DealStop facebook group. Write a Digg or Reddit article. As you can see, we will accept anything helpful! Each social bookmark or blog entry or article will count as 1 entry towards winning the Nintendo Wii!

After you have bookmarked us, blogged about us or whatever it is you did for us, drop us an email via the contact us with your:

From the DealStop Contact Us provide me with:

1. user name.

2. links to your blog or bookmarks.

Note: You can also drop your entries into the comments, when I post a specific bookmark of the day.

Here is an example of what the email should entail:

Username: Dave


DealStop Podcast #1

Posted on November 16, 2008
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Podcast #1: New features and a few holiday season shopping tips.

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